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Silver End Stories

The Project

The focus of the project is a collection of recorded interviews with people from the village; some still living here but others who moved away in adulthood, many who worked at the factory or other locations, such as the department store or on local farms. Their stories cover a wide range of events from the building of the first houses, shopping at the store, cooking without mains electricity, washing with a copper, visiting the airfield during the war, meeting evacuees from Edmonton, Polish refugees, going to the village school, playing in the fields, skipping, marbles, village dances, getting married, the Department Store fire, the ending of the sweet ration and sports such as football, cricket, tennis and badminton are just a few of the items covered.  

The recordings have been transcribed and we hope extracts will be available here when they are complete.  

Anyone interested in taking part in this project can still be involved. Add your name to one of the leaflets found at the Heritage Centre or contact us by email at